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At Metisphere we are client-centric, innovative and accountable. We challenge the status quo, speak candidly, and embrace continuous learning.

People Centric

We care for people

We care for clients, for each other, for what we deliver.


We leave things better than we found them

We are on the cutting-edge of industry thinking and always aim to deliver better than expected outcomes, improving rather than maintaining the status quo.


We hold ourselves and others to account

We do what we say we are going to do.

We speak with candour, but always respectfully. We are accountable for our decisions and challenge our clients to change their mindset.


We are curious and courageous

We continuously challenge our knowledge and share our learnings, allowing us to adapt our approach.

People-focused strategic solutions

Get in touch and let us show you how our applied organisational psychology approach can build sustainable growth across your entire organisation.