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Metisphere delivers measurable behavioral change programs that optimise people, performance and productivity.

We view organisational culture, positive or otherwise, as an embedded, complex, and resilient element of any organisation. As such, sustainable and successful culture change always takes time, effort, and most importantly dedicated leadership.

Furthermore, organisational culture always needs to be changed to align with the organisation’s strategy. It is not an isolated or independent element of the organisation. Culture is a very strong predictor of performance and strategic achievement, and as such, the starting point is to define the culture your organisation needs. This allows us to sustainably deliver your organisational strategy and to achieve your performance expectations.

In every successful culture change, everything starts with the CEO and their immediate leadership team. Both experience and research shows this to be a prerequisite to successful culture change.

The initial phases of Metisphere’s successful culture change initiatives will, in addition to mapping the required culture, involve a robust analysis and engagement with key stakeholders to lead, catalyse and subsequently embed and sustain the requisite culture change. In addition, this phase of the process includes analysis of the scale and urgency of the culture change, which then informs the intensity of any leadership and team development.
Only once there is strategic and leadership alignment should the culture change process consider other activities and initiatives.

Over 70% of the success of culture change is down to top team leadership. Examples of organisational culture change engagements include:

  1. Embedding behavioral change programs,
  2. Enhancing leader capability aligned with short term and long term organisational strategy,
  3. Working with boards and executives to outline, comply, and create people-focused strategic solutions.

People-focused strategic solutions

Get in touch and let us show you how our applied organisational psychology approach can build sustainable growth across your entire organisation.